20 weeks…


                                          {20 weeks + 4}

Well, we made it to the halfway point.  I thought I would share a different view in this picture.  If you can overlook the bad lighting/background/weird way I’m holding my pinky fingers (what is WITH that??), you can laugh along with me at my ever-expanding bump that looks more like a beer gut in this picture.  I think it’s safe to say I have officially outgrown any normal tops!

I get asked a lot how I’m feeling these days, and I really think if we weren’t having a little bit of a crazy summer with moving and all the other changes, I could honestly say I feel pretty darn amazing!  It’s just the related exhaustion from those things that brings me down most days.  Otherwise I have almost zero complaints at the moment.  This is pretty phenomenal considering I was still battling morning sickness at this point in my pregnancy with Phoenix! 

I think overall I’m just feeling much more comfortable this time around as well.  Of course it’s always a little disconcerting to see the number on the scale rising higher and higher, but it’s not really much of a shock when I catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a window or turn over in bed and find my belly blocking me from my favorite sleeping position.  It all just feels normal and natural.

Even my midwives appointments feel redundant this time.  I don’t have as many questions or concerns, and the closer I get to it, the less worries I have about actually birthing this baby.  It’s kind of amazing really.

And even as I write this, I realize how fortunate I am in even being able to say these things, so please don’t think I’m taking this whole experience lightly.  It might feel like second nature to me on my third go-round, but the miracle of it all is definitely not lost on me.  Everytime I feel this little girl moving around… that still catches me by surprise and fills me with awe. 

It still hasn’t fully sunk in that this will be a girlchild (although buying a cute dress or two has helped with that quite a bit).  Me being me, I’m not one to cling to gender stereotypes, but I do find it interesting how much calmer she’s been in the womb so far.  Zion was a wild child in the womb, and once Phoenix got strong enough to kick past that anterior placenta, I felt him pretty consistently as well.  This little girl has a couple of active periods during the day, usually at night and then first thing in the morning, and also moves a bit during or after meals, but otherwise I’d never know she was there.  I keep getting the feeling this is going to be a very peaceful baby, and whether that’s wishful thinking or not I am going to keep saying that and praying for that and hope it’s true!  

I am trying very hard to enjoy the last half of pregnancy and focus on this baby as much as I can.  Part of me would love for the months to fly by and her just to be here, but I am feeling more and more like this is for sure my last time going through all of this.  So I am making the most of it, taking my awkward belly pictures and writing a lot in my journal to document my thoughts and feelings and words I want to say to this child.  It’s a beautiful journey to be on, bringing new life into this world.

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