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This photo pretty much captures life at the moment.   Me: a little dazed and just plain worn out, sporting a giant belly for 20 weeks.  Our new home: 10 days in and still mostly in disarray. 

Paul and I keep discussing how this year, our fifth year of marriage, so closely resembles our first year together.  2007 brought a new baby, graduation from college, marriage, new state, multiple moves, new job for Paul (and me, being a full time mom).  Pretty much every major life change you can think up…we lived through it. 

Well…here we go again!  We’ve got the move done, new baby cooking, Zion starting school in a few weeks, and the latest in big news is Paul will be starting a new job as of next week!  Every one of these changes will impact our family in many positive ways, but it is still overwhelming to wrap our minds around so much transition. 

We are loving the new home so far.  It is so nice to have more space inside, more space outside, and lots of peace surrounding us.  We have one busy road that produces some noise, but otherwise we don’t see our neighbors thanks to lots of trees.  Quite a change from apartments and duplexes we’ve been used to living in the past few years!  With the verdant yard and wall of tall pines around our home, it feels like we’re tucked away in our own little world.  The boys have had so much fun already exploring “the forest” as they call it.

On a personal note, I’ve had many opportunities to work on my patience since officially moving in.  Zion and Phoenix had a rough time last week as they got used to a new bedroom and unfamiliar walls and spaces.  Between the tantrums and crying spells and general naughtiness, it took everything within me not to yell and scream my way through the week right along with them.  When I felt my blood start boiling I tried really hard to remember what it feels like to be a child in a strange place.  So far, this week has been better as I’ve tried to arrange their spaces and help them feel more at home.  I know there are aspects they love about this place and we’re just trying to emphasize those as much as possible…as well as reminding them that a home is not just the roof over our heads, but being together as a family. 

Beyond that, dealing with utility companies and broken dishwashers and other mishaps along the way, I feel like I have already earned my stripes somewhat in this home!  But I can honestly say I am very very happy we found this place and I can tell once our furniture is finally arranged and we put our own homey touches up, we will be really content here.

I’ll write a separate post updating more on how pregnancy is going.  It is really hard to believe I’m already at the halfway point!  Time is racing by, and I’m doing my best to hang on to every moment.

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